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Sunday Scrubbie


A combo of sulfur soap & de-shedding glove.


A combo of sulfur soap & de-shedding glove.

Benefits of Sunday Scrubbie:

  • helps cure yeast infections (removes foul odor, skin thickening and blackening, and hair loss)
  • helps with skin issues.
  • helps exfoliate skin

Directions: When bathing your fur-kid with sulfur soap. Apply the soap thoroughly, working up a good lather and get into the skin with de-shedding hand glove. Massage your fur-kids body well before washing the sulfur soap off. For best results, massage your fur-kid for a good 5 minutes before washing off the soap. This should be done once every week.


Types of fur-kid: Suitable for dog , cat & ferret

Breed: suitable for all types of breed

Age: Suitable  6 months and above




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