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Omega Boost – dog ( skin problems)


A combo of :

  • Furry Treats Fish Munchies ( 50 gram)
  • Furry Treats Pink Himalayan Salt Salmon Munchies (50gram),
  • Furry Treats Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Sulfur soap

A combo of :

A perfect combo for fur-kid with sensitive skin and allergic to chicken. This combination is high is omega fatty acids which is for skin health. This combination consist two types of fish treats , one supplement & a soap. Furry Treats Virgin Coconut is for daily consumption and sulfur soap is for weekly shower to help with skin problems.


Types of fur-kid:  dog

Breed: suitable for all types of breed

Age: Suitable  4 months and above

NOTE: Furry Treats products are MSG, preservatives & additives FREE.

All products are made by hand. 


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