Our Story

There are many different type of treats available in the market today for pet owners to purchase for their furkids. These treats are filled with sugar, salt, colouring , Monosodium glutamate (MSG) , preservatives & other additives that makes the furkids crave for more which will result to various diseases such as diabetes, obesity, joint complication, furball issue and much more.



Thus , have you ever wondered if your pets are eating right?
Most people are unaware of the importance of giving their pet the right nutrition especially when it comes to feeding them treats on a daily basis. A pet’s diet can affect its overall wellbeing which includes their mental and physical health.
Furry Treats was born out of passion to spread the word on our All Natural Munchies and how it can benefit to our furkids’ diet. At Furry Treats, we strongly emphasis on the importance of our furkids diet particularly on their daily treats consumption.  Furry Treats’ All Natural Munchies are handcrafted out of love by our professionals to produce not only healthy but tasty treats for your furkids.
Our  raw ingredients are carefully handpicked to provide  high quality treats. A part from that our All Natural Munchies are produced on order basis to maintain the freshness of the treats.

Why Furry Treats?


Furry treats are made from ALL NATURAL ingredients which provides your little adorable furkids with all the nourishment they need. Unlike most pet treats in the market, the preparation of Furry Treats retain up to 90% of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Since Furry Treats’ All Natural Munchies do not contain any preservatives, it is best to be consumed within 3-6 months depending on type of products.