Drop Ship

Furry Treats  welcomes those who want to join the family ! Furry Treats has implemented  Drop Ship Programme for those who want to earn extra money. Drop shipping is a method in which seller does not keep the goods in stock, the goods will ship from us directly to your customer. You’re not require to start a business with huge amount of capitals, just need to upload our products to your selling platform and sell!

It is Super Simple:

  1. Create an account
  2. Add the goods into the cart
  3. Proceed to Check Out
  4. Add in the remark box – I am a drop shipper
  5. Fill in customer details
  6. Place order & make payment.



  1. A fee of RM50 as Drop Ship member is charged before becoming a member
  2. Each order takes about 5-7 working days to prepare.
  3. A list of Drop Ship price of All Natural Munchies will be given once registered as a member
  4. The sender’s details will remain as Furry Treats Enterprise and this can’t be changed.
  5. Only cash is allowed for this Drop Ship Programme.